Leonardo DiCaprio (44) made of a on Banksy: the dark hooded jacket, the Hollywood star had hoped during a visit to the VIP opening at Art Basel Miami overlooked. This has not succeeded once more, unlike the famous street artist Banksy, who has remained undetected. The high-profile visitors of brighter objects: for instance, the two-metre Egg by Jeff Koons, were attracted to. The “Smooth Egg with Bow” is available for sale, tens of millions of dollars the thing costs.

bright Red, and sundries

For the super rich and Famous, the fly-in each year, art week Miami, is quite affordable. For example, for the million-dollar Pop Diva Jennifer Lopez (49), the layers came in the baggy look amazing. Much art full of the appearance of Adriana Lima, with the mesh on your dress you could match smoothly with the Koons Egg. The Mexican Performance Artist Raul de Nieves (35) is transformed to an Event by Bulgari equal to itself in a bright red work of art, to the delight of Model Chloë Sevigny (44). Colourful is also a rapper Cardi B (26): Might want to vote with your rainbow hairstyle even cheerful, she announced last week, the separation from her husband.