Legendary football player and coach of

Former football player and head coach of “Liverpool” Kenny Dalglish had contracted the coronavirus, reported on the official website of the English football club. 69-year-old Scot was admitted to hospital on Wednesday for treatment of infection, which required intravenous antibiotics.

“Dalglish was tested for the presence of COVID-19, despite the fact that the earlier symptoms were not. Surprisingly, but the test result was positive, the disease proceeds without symptoms. Before admission, sir Kenny decided to voluntarily isolate themselves along with his family,” – reads the statement of “Liverpool”.

The Dalglish family have released the following statement to supporters regarding Sir Kenny Dalglish. https://t.co/aNT5fXakFx

— Liverpool FC (at ????) (@LFC) April 10, 2020

as a player and as a coach of Liverpool, Dalglish nine times won the championship of England, three times in the European Cup three times in the FA Cup five times in the League Cup and once in the UEFA super Cup.

Dalglish has set two records in Scotland: as a player who played the highest number of matches (102), and as the player who scored highest number of goals (along with Dennis Lowe, both at 30).