it Comes after a three-year, at the end of the Laszlo Bölöni time in Antwerp? It would be good to be able to, because the 67-year-old Romanian, said that he and the club end of the season, may have to leave.

“I am sure that I am not, just carry on,” says Bölöni, in a video-interview with hungary’s M4 motorway and Sports. “We have reached a level where the next step is to win the title, and it requires a different philosophy. I don’t think we’ll have more progress to make. I would like to be in the game-would like to continue it. I am silly enough to think that I have to put my energy and drive and can pass it on.”

Bölöni has been involved in the third contract year in the final result. This season’s got-he’s the club to a fourth place finish. If a shutdown of the league next week to be ratified at the annual General Meeting of the Pro League, he could be, in principle, it is only during the cup final still on the line to stand with The Great of Old. Unless he / she is still thought of change, and the board of directors give him a fourth year of awards, of course.

for More about Laszlo Bölöni Second coach, Laszlo Bölöni is pulling the alarm bell: “Lamkel Zé has to go back to become” Laszlo Bölöni about the soon-to-PO1-participation in the cup final: “we have to exceed?” Laszlo Bölöni, after less than five hours ‘ sleep: “Club Brugge is a favorite in the cup final, but is now in need of a Play-off 1 with backing”, “He is better than Eusebio and Figo,” he said Bölöni to the media. They could only smile