car sharing, traffic, turning, car-free inner cities – these are some of the Buzz words in the area of mobility. But the reality is often different, such as the current Inrix congestion index shows that The Germans still like to in the car, no matter how adverse the circumstances are. And, according to a study by the business consultancy McKinsey, after all, 70 percent of respondents want to have in the future a private car.

The private car is not out

But what, if insufficient cash is available to purchase? The Leasing platform Vehiculum calculated for FOCUS Online, using an example of three funding models, and shows the advantages and disadvantages. Was expected with a currently very popular Trend Segment, the Compact SUV, as an example-the vehicle was a Audi Q2. Vehiculum cost comparison: Leasing, financing, Auto-subscription

“We have chosen an Audi Q2 30 TFSI in the equipment line, ‘Design’, which is listed without additional equipment in the Audi with a list price of 24,200 euros. In order to obtain a basis for comparison, were added to the cost of the financing over six years, and then a month down expected,” says leasing expert Philipp Santos de Oliveira of Vehiculum. The three Purchase Alternatives in the comparison beat.

1. Financing: High costs, but favorable

The classic car models to purchase. The greatest advantage of the financing: At the end of the term, the car belongs to a man executed a quasi-only payment for a certain period of time. However, this also means high monthly Rates . Financing are available with or without a closing rate possible. Who chooses a high closing rate, must be at the beginning of the term, make sure that the money will be then after 24, 48, or 60 months. In addition, it is not flexible, if the car, for example – as seen in the exhaust-scandal in the case of diesel vehicles, due to certain Trends have suddenly got a lot worse on sale and thus in the residual value drops. Car colours: We are a nation of long-hamlets, FOCUS Online/Wochit car colors: We are a nation of long-hamlets

“Furthermore, one is forced to take care of things like insurance, winter tires, and other tasks around the car. The financing is therefore generally the most expensive Form of automobile purchasing. To compensate for the financing, but the cheapest of the methods – if it is planned to use the vehicle over a particularly long period of time,” says leasing expert Philipp Santos de Oliveira of Vehiculum.

2. Leasing: The price-performance-winner

Also, when you lease you have to pay monthly Rates, although the decrease is smaller. Because Leasing is a type of long term rental . After the expiry of the lease period the car goes back to the lease company, that is, you acquired on the car, no property. “The monthly Rate covers only the depreciation of the vehicle over the agreed period of time, but not the purchase price. Often, the manufacturers subsidize the Rate of addition so that you can give hidden discounts on the vehicles, without changing the list price,“ says leasing expert de Oliveira. Display:

mileage limit, return-to-risk

advantage of leasing: value of loss or other problems – for example, Diesel-driving bans, the vehicle suddenly restricted, or in the case of electric vehicles, the uncertainty of the battery life – not the responsibility of the lessee. After the end of the term, most lease a new car.

“A disadvantage of leasing is that you must commit in advance to a certain number of kilometres that you will drive during the term of the contract. And with Leasing, it’s up to one self to take care of additional things such as tires, insurance, etc.”, the Leasing expert. The agreed kilometers are exceeded, incur high fees. Also when returning the car, it always comes back to conflicts, for example when it comes to damage and wear-and-tear on the car. Volvo wants to establish Abo-concept: how it works PCP Volvo Abo wants to establish-concept: how it works

3. Auto-subscription: Extremely flexible, but very expensive,

Today? With an Auto-subscription is possible in principle. Manufacturers such as Volvo, Cadillac, or Audi have already experimented with it. “Here you pay a monthly Rate, which is significantly higher than in the case of financing or Leasing, as it covers with the exception of fuel, all the vehicle associated costs such as tyres and insurance,” says leasing expert de Oliveira. The vehicles are selected according to the purpose of use, and, in General, directly to the customers transferred. Vehiculum Compact Overview: pros and cons for different models of the new-car-financing

the Biggest disadvantage: The monthly Rate is very high . During the term of the contract, particularly short periods of one to six months is usual. “Restrict subscribers to diversity in the model, most providers have only a limited number of cars available. In addition, individual configuration of the equipment is not, unlike the lease, it is possible,” says de Oliveira.

The Auto-subscription as the more Exotic financing models is removed so that the furthest from the classic new-car-buying; here, one also acquires the vehicle, not the property. However, you also have the guarantee that you will always have the latest model and must be make loss in value, driving bans or other things, no thoughts. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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