Learning at home: 10 important tips for parents

1. Make a schedule for each day for the whole family. Help your child to manage time between studies and leisure. Don’t forget the arts and sports.

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2. Digital harmony. Online learning increases time of stay of the child in the Network. But don’t forbid him to use the gadgets in their free time. Try together to find a balance.

3. Pay attention to the online interests of children. Together discuss topics that concern the child. So you will have more opportunities to protect children from negative content.

4. Safety first: explain to your child that you can not open the apartment door to strangers. Explain how to behave in emergency situations.

5. Remind your child to charge between classes, and do sports together.

6. Do not forget about proper nutrition. Three main meals and three healthy snacks a day.

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7. Broaden your horizons: take half an hour a day to actively search for interesting. The Internet is a storehouse of information, opening you provided.

8. Use free time to communicate with your child.

9. Read together, watch movies, put family show or make a family album.

10. Help each other. Children will help you to explore the possibilities of the digital environment, and you will help them filter the content.