Learned how to reduce the risk of human presence on Mars

MOSCOW, 13 APR – RIA Novosti. Fallout shelters should be built on Mars with robots before sending people there, said in an interview with RIA Novosti head of the laboratory of neutron and gamma-ray spectroscopy Department of nuclear planetology space research Institute of RAS Maxim Litvak.

“In the first phase on the surface of Mars you need with the help of robots to build shelters to protect from radiation. Because to send people is to the first victim in deep space (albeit heroic) and long ban on further research due to the large publicity of this event,” he said.

the Scientist noted that shelters you can build using natural shelters, which on the red planet a lot of varied terrain. “Or spudded to a depth of several meters, which would be sufficient for protection,” he added.

According to Litvak, the primary goal of the colonizers will be self – found on Mars everything necessary to sustain life, instead of bring it from the outside.

“This should be preceded by deep geological studies the use of automated stations and robots. It is important to the human presence, at least not on the surface and in orbit of Mars,” he said.

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