Presenter of the TV program “Let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova doubted that the comedian Garik Kharlamov and actress Christina Asmus divorce seriously. According to matchmaker, this story is too “chipawa”.

on radio “Moscow speaking” Sabitova said he did not believe in divorce Kharlamov and Asmus, because they behave insincerely, as if on display.

“Only, my personal opinion on the matter is that I in this story do not believe. It is very gaipova,” – said TV presenter.

Usually when spouses get divorced, then don’t do it “so pretentious,” said the presenter. This is especially true in cases when the couple already raising a child. By the way, Kharlamov and Asmus have a six year old daughter Anastasia.

However, Sabitova has expressed willingness to help them save the marriage. If the couple wants it, then it can be done on the program “let’s get married!”, benefit from leading in this issue of “professionalism enough.”

“We welcome everyone, we are ready to help everyone, but don’t want to program people used, in terms of HYIP,” – said the leader.

Previously, Asmus explained in his Instagram that the decision was not spontaneous, the couple came to him for a long time – almost a year ago.

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