The Dax has passed the 15,000 point mark. Thanks to the ongoing rally at the beginning of the year, the leading German index rose by 0.39 percent on Thursday.

After a long dry spell, the Dax rose above the 15,000 point mark again on Thursday. Most recently, the leading German index gained 0.39 percent to 15,005.65 points. It is thus continuing its rally since the beginning of the year after prices had consolidated in the second half of December.

Easing worries about further sharp rises in interest rates are buoying as inflationary pressures appear to be easing. In Europe, investors are encouraged by falling gas prices. In the USA, the recent significant interest rate hikes by the Fed seem to be having an effect. Yields are falling in the bond market.

Before rising above 15,000 points this Thursday, the Dax was last listed above the round mark in February 2022, three days before the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Burdened by fears of war, rising energy prices, inflation and higher interest rates, it then fell to 11,862 points by the end of September. This was the lowest level since November 2020.

With the price recovery since the beginning of the year, the Dax is currently also outperforming the indices in the USA. The Dax gains in 2023 already add up to 7.8 percent. Inflation data from the US will show on Thursday afternoon whether investors’ optimism is justified.