more surprising that the author of the hit My Moon Is a Street Light (“the Moon is my street light”), continues their glorious tradition became Matthias Lindblom. The soloist of the Vacuum, which few expected a hit, fit for the soundtrack to any future “Twilight” installments, “Taste the night” or “Dorian gray”.

In the framework of the European tour Vacuum recently performed in Moscow. Seven and a half thousand spectators have come on March 7 at their concert at Adreniline-Stadium. And Matthias Lindblom before to sing the main dance fighters Vacuum – I Breath and They Do It up to Six Billion Voices and the Shape of Things to Come, – has answered the questions of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Charismatic, athletic and charming favorite of Europeans riding for him in all the tours (here and in Moscow before the concert was heard the foreign speech), Matthias told the Explorer, “RG” about what in life he is not a partier. But most of all he likes to walk on the cold and gloomy city of Stockholm, where at night you can not meet a single person. And now confirmed his words – in a new music video, My Moon Is a Street Light!

Atmospheric keyboards, meaningful and troubled the hex for a second turning into a prolonged and desperate cry-cry. Biting rhythms, creative electronic sounds and samples. Few imagined that Lindblom can sing and so – in a violent and excited manner of Bono from U2.

the Clip is also very good. Night city, tossing him the singer with the hat and mask from the coronavirus, stone walls, alone, black sky. The drama of the music complemented her organic video.

Moreover, My Moon Is a Street Light was removed from a safe social distance. And where else metnet Matthias, it seems, did not know in advance neither the operator nor also participated in the filming of the Australian singer and songwriter Tanya Doko.

of Course, I want a singer Vacuum continued his musical experiments after leaving the concert of the quarantine.

Vacuum penultimate Tour began in Moscow before the ban on the concerts due to the complex epidemiological situation. Well, the last managed to make a till Lindemann – March 14. Just a few hours before all the scenes went on a forced vacation due COVID-19…

the Leader of Rammstein and his promoters have yet to produce even an exclusive protective masks. In the lobby of “VTB-arena “Dynamo”, they were sold for two thousand rubles. But many of us, the audience, listened to the concert of those masks.