Lawyers offer to release detainees from prison to the pandemic

According to representatives of the legal profession, now need to actively insist on changing the measure of restraint for the elderly and those suffering chronic diseases.

the Federal penitentiary service has introduced round the clock monitoring of the epidemiological situation in prisons

“the Circumstances connected with the spread of novel coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) and the nature of force majeure, it is recommended to be used as independent arguments, in addition to all other arguments to the attention of persons in the production of which is the case for the need for immediate resolution of procedural appeals,” put in Lawyer chamber of Moscow.

and Prepared a model complaint which provides arguments why a citizen should be exempt from jail and put under house arrest.

President of the Federal chamber of lawyers of Russia Yury Pilipenko appealed to the legal community as a pandemic caused by a coronavirus infection. He urged his colleagues in a difficult situation to continue the performance of public functions imposed on the legal profession as Institute of civil society and sopravitel of justice.

“the spread of the coronavirus, which has acquired the character of pandemic, and unprecedented measures taken in order to prevent the deterioration of the situation, make significant changes in the activities of law enforcement and judicial authorities and, consequently, in the activities of the legal profession,” said Yuri Pilipenko.

the Experts propose to introduce in the prison system of artificial intelligence

Recall, the courts at the time of the quarantine imposed serious restrictions: consider only urgent matters, reception of citizens is stopped, the documents are accepted electronically or by mail. But still quite legal life is not stopped, and the need to protect the rights of citizens remains.

the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation and all regional chambers continue to perform their statutory duties.

In turn, the Federal service of execution of punishments said that the Agency organized round the clock monitoring and monitoring of epidemic situation in the establishments and bodies criminally-Executive system.

the Federal penitentiary service has temporarily banned visits to colonies and SIZOs

In all institutions of the prison service organized medical posts for identifying patients with respiratory symptoms. All facilities of the penal system, including in foster, prefabricated offices, dining rooms, vehicles, cameras, units, etc., are additional disinfection measures with the use of modern special means and bactericidal irradiators (recirculators). Health workers increase the number on a cell crawls and examinations of all detained in SIZO and colonies citizens. Strengthened monitoring of the health status of individuals with chronic diseases.

In the colonies and jail suspended until special instructions providing long and short visits.