the building of the First district military court in St. Petersburg was held a visiting session of the Second district in the sensational case of prohibited in Russia organizations Network. The court has passed to debate.

the state Prosecutor had requested nine years in prison for Victor Filinkova and six for Julia Bojarshinova. Previously passed stage of examination of witnesses for the defense and experts – the court figured out how identical the interrogation Penza and St. Petersburg of the defendants, as well as finding out whether something is considered a “Set Network” (a text file allegedly found on one of the laptops seized) a single-piece document software for the underground organization. Protection Filinkova insisted that it was only the printout of the online correspondence, while Julius Boyarshinov at one of the meetings suddenly announced that he had sent to acquaint one of the available documents in the case.

the Lawyers also noted that the questioning did not call the FSB operative, who, according to Victor than his years, he was tortured. But questioned on conferencing Penza investigator Tokarev. It was he who, in the opinion of Vitaly Cherkasov (lawyer Filinkova) belongs to the text of the testimony allegedly given by the defendants at the investigation stage. However, the Tokarev to many questions he answered simply: “do not remember”.

Characteristic that Bojarshinova and Filinkova different line of defence, their testimony given in court is different – and it’s obvious they are not at hand. If the defenders than his years require justification, then Boyarshinov obviously just expects a more lenient sentence than they “Shine”.