After the arrest of Ivan Safronov journalists have long diverged, waiting for the lawyers to find out what plagued.

Oleg Eliseev said that the decision of the court of protection considers unfounded.

the Lawyer said that the defense asked the court to postpone the hearing for 72 hours, to be able to provide the court with some documents and data characterizing Safronov. But the court refused.

what is the accused person, said the lawyer Evgeny Smirnov. According to him, in 2012, Safronov was recruited by the intelligence services of the Czech Republic, in 2017 he received the task to collect the data containing the state secret, he gathered them and passed. Information concerning the supply of arms to Africa and the Middle East. The amount of compensation in court not named, but the investigation, according to lawyers, that Safronov transmit information containing the state secret, for selfish motives.

for the First time in my practice in the matter of the investigation did not provide anything that justified the suspicion, – said Smirnov.

– What do we do? We will appeal this decision. What we expect from you? Solidarity. One of Ivan you are repulsed, said another defender Safronov Dmitry Pavlov.

Ivan Safronov will be held in the SIZO “Lefortovo” and the process will be closed.

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