MOSCOW, may 13. /TASS/. USA along with its allies are still trying to use the situation with the pandemic coronavirus to promote their vision of world order, forcing the confrontation. This was stated on Wednesday by the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“we Have to admit that even in the face of a pandemic, our American colleagues and their allies do not stop attempts to escalate the confrontation, to use the current situation to impose their point of view, their vision of the future of the order, which they call order-based rules. The rules, as you know, invented by them”, — said Lavrov.

“Hear unfounded accusations against the people’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, ignored calls to suspend unilateral us sanctions during the period of suppression of coronavirus infection, the sanctions, which prevent humanitarian supplies of medicines, equipment and food”, — said the Minister.

He noted that a pandemic coronavirus raises the question of the future system of international relations, which is currently being tested for strength. The spread of infection has become a challenge not only for individual States, whose economy and social services have experienced significant negative effect, but also for international organizations and integration associations, including the SCO.

Lavrov stressed that Russia consistently continues to call for the search for collective solutions, and these efforts should be based on the principles of universality, multilateralism, and to reflect the interests of each state.