Lavrov: relations with Turkey are good, the dialogue with Washington is supported

on Saturday at the Munich security conference, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that relations between Russia and Turkey — very good. According to Lavrov, this does not mean that countries have to agree in everything with each other. Full agreement on all issues, the Minister said, likely stems from pressure, which is experiencing one of the parties.

Responding to a question about the situation in Syria, Lavrov expressed confidence that terrorists in the enclave will be destroyed. “Defeating terrorism is inevitable, most importantly, the dissociation of the opposition from the terrorists,” — said the Minister.

Russia and Turkey continue to discuss the issue of Idlib, RIA Novosti reported. Countries reiterated their commitment to the efforts of the diplomats, the military, security services to fulfill the agreements.

Lavrov said that, in addition to Idlib, the concern of Moscow is worried by the actions of the USA on the East Bank of the Euphrates. There are separatist authorities, which grossly violates the sovereignty of Syria. Moscow will discuss with Washington the issue, Lavrov concluded.