The Danish footballer Pione Sisto has, without the permission of his club Celta de Vigo in Spain, leaving the country in which he grew up. The 25-year-old vleugelspeler retired with nothing at the moment in Spain.

He faced a penalty from the club, so sign in to various Spanish media outlets. As a confirmation of the Celta de Vigo is, however, not (yet).

After 14 days in quarantine, she was in Spain, it would Sisto, with Vigo and left last Friday, he would be nearly 3,000 miles away, had arrived in Copenhagen, denmark. According to Spanish media, has brought Sisto, who is 21 and caps are collected for the Danish national team, his club is only informed when he was on his way.

Sisto came out last year, is also in the eye of the storm, when he was 21 days with nothing but fruit and ate it, in an attempt to lose weight. As a consequence, after the passage of time does not keep up with the training, while Celta are in full degradatiestrijd it was.

Photos: BELGA