A feather was recently auctioned off in New Zealand for a lot of money. It comes from an extinct bird whose last confirmed sighting was in 1907. 

A single feather was recently auctioned in New Zealand. The piece is probably the most expensive feather in the world ever sold at auction. It was sold for a price of 46,521.50 NZD dollars (around 26,200 euros), as “Webb’s Auction House” announced. 

It is therefore a very special feather. Because it comes from an extinct bird – the Huia. According to the Museum of New Zealand, the last confirmed sighting of the animal was in 1907. Unconfirmed sightings continued for another 20 to 30 years. 

“Their feathers were very important to New Zealand’s Māori and were often worn as headdresses by chiefs and their families and were also given away or traded,” writes Webb’s Auction House. 

Not everyone could take part in the auction. Approval from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage had to be presented. In addition, the pen may only leave New Zealand with permission from the ministry.

The auctioned piece is in “wonderful condition,” according to Leah Morris of Webb’s Auction House. This is reported by the BBC. 

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