the Actor has told “the Story of Denmark”, must now do the viewers learn more about the Danish nature.

recent years it is not just the spectacle that has filled in Lars mikkelsen’s calendar.

For although he has been able to be seen in large series such as “the ways of the Lord” and the award-winning “House of Cards”, so he has also been the narrator, that took the viewers among other things, through the viking age, the stone age and the reformation in the “History of Denmark”.

Now, the popular actor to bring the danes closer to nature in the DR program “Wild wonderful Denmark”.

Lars Mikkelsen will as narration set the scene and guide the viewers through the stories of the animal kingdom big and sometimes surprising dramas that are unfolding in our nature, says in a press release from DR.

the Series will, through the five habitat types – forest, lakes and streams, open country, sea and shore, as well as habitat – open our eyes and show us the fascinating world that is the animal world, sounds it on.

the documentary series will, through a year’s cycle let viewers come close to the Danish nature and show scenes from it, which have not previously been documented, the information DR.

– We follow the rævefamilien from the fry are quite small and their struggle to survive the first harsh time, where they are totally dependent on the parents ‘ ability to obtain enough food.

– We see families being torn apart when the m and her ducklings are suddenly attacked by the lake’s undisputed king, the pike, says.

The first out of the five programs has its premiere Sunday, the 12. april at 20: 00 on DR1 and already off at 06.00 on Sunday morning at the modern art.