Since Monday, Lars Leuenberger, Patrick Fischer and Tommy Albelin in Kloten and from today, also in Krefeld, Germany, the Deutschland Cup, where Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, and Russia assisted.

in Front of more than three and a half years, Leuenberger was the last Time a professional Team to work on 12. April 2016, as he was able to celebrate with the SC Bern to the victory in Lugano and the championship title.

However, the SCB had already decided that a new coach should come in. And Kari Jalonen has since also twice a champion. No cock crowed more, according to Leuenberger.

Lars Leuenberger returned, in 2017 the SCB. But not to the gang. He took over the task areas, “Strategic development and game sighting”, which had previously been responsible for his brother Sven before he was ZSC-sports-in-chief. Four-, five times per week, he is on the ice.

“the horizon has become bigger”

However, not with the professionals but with the talents. He supports the Junior trainer. “For me, this is a very good opportunity to see a different side”, explains the master coach from 2016. He is always there. In the world Cup and in the Play of Berne in the Champions League. “My horizon has become much bigger,” says the 44-Year-old.

it pulls him back in the gang? “I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I would still like to coach,” he says. Preferably in Bern. First, however, Jalonen has extended his contract until 2021. And Leuenberger have to wait. “I’m not the type that says: I want this, this and this,” says Leuenberger, who does not want to speak to the SCB-crisis.

he had now “mega joy, to be with the Big Boys here”. Last year, the Association knocked on the door. But the clubs put their Veto. In the summer of Nati-in-chief Raeto Raffainer managed to do it in front of the outlet to the HCD to bring the clubs to throw your garden think about the Board: the club-people are now allowed to help the national team. The Deutschland Cup Leuenberger, of the home world Cup, Christian Wohlwend and Goalie coach Peter Mettler (both with Davos).