Large-scale police operation at a school in Bonn: numerous officers are on duty because of an amok alarm. There is probably no danger, the police could not find any threat. The alarm was received automatically.

Large-scale operation in Bonn on Wednesday: In a school, an automated loudspeaker announcement had indicated an “amok alarm”. This also alerted the police.

Officers were immediately dispatched to the school, entered the buildings and began searches. “Findings of suspicious people or noises have not yet been made known and have not resulted from those responsible for the school who have been met and contacted,” said the police.

The search measures did not lead to any further findings. According to the “Generalanzeiger”, several students sat barricaded under tables in their classrooms due to the alarm.

Deutsche Bahn sold a total of around 38,000 9-euro tickets on which no name was printed. The nameless tickets apparently only went over the counters in Munich. Customers should now add the name themselves.