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I came across these guys on Thursday and placed an order. I got a quick response. This is completely unprecedented, ” says Truls André Reitan-:.

Doctor Truls André Reitan-Gjersøe has ordered visirene as an individual, but will take them to the colleagues in the hospital to assess whether they can be used.

Photo: Jon Olav Bakke Nesvold

He is a doctor at the hospital in Østfold, and have seen how colleagues elsewhere in the world have used various improvised solutions in order to avoid infection. He wondered if it was possible to create ansiktsvisir even.

Such plastskjold to have the front face is used in addition to surgical masks and other smittevernutstyr.

On the web he found people who had already thought of the idea. A group of 3D print enthusiasts were starting to organize themselves in a Facebook group.

He entered the order, and Monday morning to 60 ansiktsvisir be delivered.

– Printer around the clock

Erik Molander has three 3D printers who work to create visirene. He has had a part costs, but wishes to give away what he makes to the hospital.

Photo: Private

Erik Molander in Fredrikstad is one of those who have made visirene.

My three printers going 24 hours a day. I make headband to a face shield. So I have bought a transparent overhead sheet and put the bungee around, ” says Molander.

He plans to deliver visirene free, even if it is a part job and materials costs 20-25 million per unit.

According to Molander is the first feedback is positive, and the design has been improved several times.

– we are Now on version three. I printer two and two, and it takes two and a half hour, so I manage around 30 a day, ” he says.

3D-printerne create ties to the screens by adding a plaststoff layered on top of each other.

Photo: Private Has ordered 1000 units

the Idea for the Facebook page came about a week ago, and Sunday was the face shield number 1000 ordered. Henrik Wille, who manages the group along with three others, tells us that more and more enthusiasts join. Thus they have so far managed to produce enough.

– I saw that many wanted to help, but they were unorganized and worked with several models. It is complex and clumsy for health care, and therefore we create a unified design, ” he says.

It is set in the time spleiseaksjoner to collect money for the production, but on Sunday evening came a happy news for the gang. They won 100 000 from hackthecrisisnorway.


Although the manufactures are trying to make the equipment in a proper way, leaving the recipients to determine whether it can be used.

Reitan-: took the initiative to book on your own. When he receives visirene Monday, he will study them closer together with infectious disease expertise at the hospital before they can be put into use.

He says that the hospital is so far not missing smittevernutstyr, but they are depending on the deliveries. He believes visirene can be a measure for the precautionary principle if there is a need.

And if they should become an important part of the smitteberedskapen, he will speak up for that the hospital pay for it to be delivered.

– I think it is fantastic to see the dedication. 3D-print one has heard of, but I didn’t know how widespread it is. But it seems to be widespread enough that they can assist, and I think that’s really cool, ” he says.

The 60 first visirene from Molander is packed and ready for delivery at the hospital in Østfold.

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