The Deputy of the state Duma Ivan Sukharev proposed on a grant basis to provide services nannies for large families, in which at least two children under the age of three. A copy of the letter the MP to the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov has RT.

In his address, the announcement noted that government in recent years, we developed and implemented a package of measures to support large families. However, in the system of preschool education parents still need to use new mechanisms of assistance, said the Deputy.

In particular, we are talking about situations when the young spouses already have a child and the couple is expecting twins at birth, which acquired the status of a large family.

“When the husband works and contains family, spouse imposed a tremendous burden on education of children, at least two of whom infancy. In this regard, I ask you to consider the possibility of granting to large families with more than one child under three years old free of charge specialist care for children (nanny) to achieve the such children of the age of three, when they could be given a place in a preschool educational institution”, — is spoken in circulation.

Earlier, the Chairman of the National parent Committee, a member of the Public chamber of Russia Irina Volynets sent an appeal to the government and the state Duma with a proposal to release from parental fees for kindergarten families with low income.