This leads to uncertainty among many consumers and calls Criminals, the this exploit in a targeted manner. In a Web Seminar on Thursday, 9. April, to inform the consumer and the state office of criminal investigation (LKA) of Rhineland-Palatinate on the current mesh.

“In the Phishing emails promise of the scammers health tips, shopping coupons, or the like”, says Maximilian Heitkämper, Department head of Digital and consumer law to the consumer. “In truth, you want to get payment consumer data capture and malicious software on their Computer.” Handle columns make use of the fact that many people working at home, on the doorstep or by telephone contracts to sell. Not least, the net is overflowing with rip-off Offered to breathing masks and disinfectant.

According to the experience of the LKA also the grandson trick is in high demand. Popular Tricks at the front door are the Criminals. “The perpetrators pass themselves off as seekers of help related to money for an alleged Corona-bodies treatment to be made, or want to sell paid-for “Corona testing”, or immediately at the front door to perform,” said Michael Krausch from the LKA. “In addition, Fake Shops in the network are set. It is determined to send against advance payment, medical products, medicines and hygiene items. In fact, nothing comes from the buyer or it will be the minimum delivered quality goods.”

On these and other mesh experts of the LKA and the inform consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate in the Web Seminar and answer questions from the participants. The questions can be asked via a Chat. The Online Seminar will be held on

Thursday, 09. April, 14 p.m.

instead of and it takes about an hour.

The participation is free of charge. Those interested can sign up at


to participate, you will need a Computer with Internet access and speakers. Ideally, a headphone is. For more information and the Link to the Web seminar room interested receive in connection with the registration.

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