wfla for nearly five years may not regain membership in the International Association of athletics federations. On Thursday it became known that World Athletics has postponed the receive neutral status Russian athletes, without which they have no right to participate in international competitions, until the end of July. The problem is that the vfla has not paid a penalty of $ 5 million.

“In today’s conditions it is impossible to exclude any variant of my further actions, including the departure of the team. I’m tired of the mess the last five years, the impunity and inaction of the leadership of our sport, not properly protecting clean athletes” – quoted by TASS Laecken.

Earlier Laecken, Sergey Shubenkov and Anzhelika Sidorova wrote a letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the situation in Russian athletics. As of date, no athlete has not received the right to participate in international competitions.