(Cannes) Our special correspondent on the Croisette reports on the latest news from the Cannes Film Festival.

In La passion de Dodin Bouffant, selected in the official competition, Juliette Binoche embodies a cook from the end of the 19th century who, with a renowned gastronome, works to prepare sumptuous meals, in a story celebrating the art of loving and the art of cooking. At the press conference table, the actress said on Thursday that she was particularly moved by the fact that this film was written and directed by Tran Anh Hùng. “Hung comes from Vietnam and adopted France as his country, which adopted him in return. For the “native” French people that we are, it is very moving to see this love of French refinement, which we tend to forget at home. This film is a love letter that Hùng sends to France. The filmmaker, for his part, declared that his original intention was very clear: to make a “really very French” film.

It would be amazing if Nanni Moretti came up with a platform-only feature in the near future. Called to comment on the spade at Netflix that he makes in Towards a bright future, an autofiction in which he himself plays the character of the filmmaker, the Italian director went further during a press conference held on Thursday. “I talk about Netflix in the movie, but it’s an all-platform symbol. Many screenwriters and filmmakers docilely defer to them and I don’t like that. When I write a screenplay, I think first and foremost of the cinema and the big screen on which the images will be projected, rather than the 13-year-old watching a film on his mobile phone while taking the metro. We must continue to invest emotionally, psychologically and economically in cinema. It’s not what I think, it’s what I live! »

Guest of honor at the Quinzaine des cinéastes, where he organized a screening of Rolling Thunder, a film that John Flynn directed in 1977 and whose stars were William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones, Quentin Tarantino gave more details about of The Movie Critic, his next project. While rumors arose of a film about famed critic Pauline Kael, the director of Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood said, according to specialist site Deadline, that the story is more inspired “by a guy who actually lived , who wrote reviews in a porn magazine”. “He wrote about mainstream movies and was utterly cynical, yet very funny,” he added. His reviews were a mixture of what Howard Stern was in his early days and what Travis Bickle [the protagonist of Taxi Driver] would have written if he had been a film critic! »