The 24-year-old Australian Nick Kyrgios, number 40 in the world, it has a large basketballiefhebber. “I have been playing tennis, but basketball is my life…. I play basketball every day,” said Kyrgios, while he has tattoos of Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James have his arm put in.

his tragic death at the beginning of this year, Bryant, who was killed in a helikopterongeluk, brought to tears at the Australian “bad boy”. Kyrgios came out a day later, in a t-shirt from the Los Angeles Lakers with the number 8, Bryant’s job is to be a party in the eighth-finals of the Australian Open against Rafael Nadal.

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Kobe-and-the-king-with-me-forever & some Jordan 1’s ?? @dseeart.

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“it was a very hard day for me. I wanted to have a bit of a reminder of him,” said Kyrgios, who decided to create a duplicate image of the entertainment district in the arm for us. There was also an image, in ink, by James is the current superstar of the Lakers, and the NBA.

“Kobe, ” and “The King and be with me always,” wrote,” Kyrgios on Instagram. The Interview refers to himself as the most tattooed player in the world. I am also very, very different than the rest of us.”

now, Kyrgios is looking forward to the time when he, for the first time with his new ‘look’ of the job may be. Due to the corona virus is also in the tennis world, until further notice, it is silent.

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Making memories

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