In Ukraine the next outbreak of interest in the inglorious path of fighting the 14th Grenadier Waffen SS division “Galicia”. The district administrative court of Kiev ruled on the claim of the citizen Natalia Myasnikova to the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, which is several times referred to those homegrown SS. Document some media figures has called the “resounding victory” over the “forces of evil”. Actually published court decision does not contain even an indirect allusion to the fact that symbols of division “Galicia” are recognized as symbols of the national socialist totalitarian regime.

“a Half-hearted decision” of the District court indicates a high level of loyalty to the administration of Vladimir Zelensky began during the presidency of Leonid Kravchuk (1991-1994) gradual rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators.

Recently, the Lviv regional state administration congratulated the countrymen on the 77th anniversary of the First Ukrainian division “Halychyna” of the Ukrainian people’s army (banned in Russia). Department of internal and information policy of the administration shamefully silent about the purposes for which in 1943, the year formed division of the Waffen SS, and of the fact that the entire command structure of the first alleged “Ukrainian division” were entirely officers “Aryan nationality”.

In the neighboring Ivano-Frankivsk region against the former SS men at least “patatoe”. Which is easy to follow a big funeral at the end of January 2020, the honorary citizen of Ivano-Frankivsk 99-year-old Michael Mulikov – “participant of the battle of Brody, who was repressed by the Bolsheviks”. Nationalist voluntarily joined the ranks of “Galicia” in September 1943, he participated in the battle of Brody in July 1944 (when the “divisenko” routed the troops of the red army). Former radio officer of the “Galicia” was kept for two years in Lubyanka prison, then Mulik was cutting coal in the mines of the suburbs “did time” in the Komi Republic.

according to the Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky in honor of Mulik going to name one of streets of the regional center, to republish his book “For Ukraine fought for Ukraine was dead.”

Mr. Dolinsky was reminded yesterday about another opus of former Ukrainian SS Eustache Zagatalskogo. “Memoirs of a veteran” published “Mandawari”, which specializiruetsya in the production of children’s and educational (!) literature. Zagajewski, according to Eduard Dolinsky, prior to 1944, the “Galicia” were purely in the German media of the Waffen SS, and in 1943, the year was part of the SS elite – sad memory division “Dead head”.

General guidance referred to troops was carried out by the reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler, sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal to the Supreme penalty. Painshae is part of the former “divisenko” settled in the UK. Only a few of them, plucking up courage, after 1991 it was decided to re-visit Ukraine. The Nuremberg international Tribunal has recognized the “Galicia” were guilty of the crimes of the national socialist regime. To paraphrase a famous Soviet saying it was “not your (“divisenko”) merit, and our defect”.

the Current “mindalnichane” with former SS men and symbols of their military units – a consequence of the precarious position of Vladimir Zelensky and his entourage. Maneuvering between but unsuccessful in the execution of Eduard Dolinsky and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Maxim Bogunskogo, on the one hand, and their ideological opponents, headed by the former Director of the Institute of national memory Volodymyr Viatrovych, on the other hand, the authorities do not dare to completely ban the promotion of symbols of the Waffen SS division “Galichina”

Director of the publishing house “Accent Plus” Natalia Myasnikova filed a lawsuit to the Institute of National remembrance in September 2017. Nearly three years of red tape with the preparatory stage of the trial may indicate the cautious attitude of the authorities to the symbolism of the national socialist regime, which, along with Communist not so long ago was declared in Ukraine beyond the law.