at KV Oostende, has been in the way. The club is heading for bankruptcy, and the president, Frank Dierckens can see, there is one to blame for this: Marc Coucke. The Anderlecht-chairman, will hold the sale UNTIL the Us T because he’s been a lot of interest in the kustclub. Conflicts of interest may not be so imminent, UNTIL the license is on Anderlecht to a legal challenge.

The Geril.

UNTIL president Frank Dierckens no leaf before his mouth. In an exclusive interview with a local Newspaper, he explained very detailed, how hard Marc Coucke yet to be integrated with KV Oostende. The rent of the stand, the verkoopsprocedure of the club is to have a contract in order to have real time requirements for outbound transfers. He’s president and has to prove it.

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It is Dierckens high Coucke does not seem willing to make “a fair deal” agreement with the Us purchaser, the Pacific Media Group (PMG) over the level of the rent of the stand, and the 6.2-million-euro debt, which UNTIL it still has the billionaire. “What’s the Pacific Media Group is proposing is quite correct. The only Coucke’s signature is missing on the sales of UNTIL to finish it”, what it sounds like.

T according to Dierckens, however, the only way to get to Ostend, to save it from destruction. Marc Coucke will need UNTIL finally letting go. If he does not, then it will be the kustclub the license of the black-white-contest due to a conflict of interest. The implication is that, Coucke, as the Anderlecht president have to much influence on his former club, as well as about the fate of Ostend and decide. To obtain a license, you may not participate in both clubs.

Wednesday, the license commission

you Need to Anderlecht, then, to worry? The city’s population had a favorable opinion of their license for the next season, in spite of a 27 million euro loss in the previous fiscal year, and a link to the ‘real estate agent( Wouter Vandenhaute, as an external consultant. The relationship with KVO, there is also quite a long time, but now Dierckens in the book, however, is completely open.

at KV Oostende hopes that Marc Coucke bend on Wednesday. They have a videocall with the man, and they hope to have a recommendation to get in. It’s almost run out of money, but it’s moved heaven and earth to get all of the spelerslonen up to and including the march payment. Also, all of the bondschulden, all TAXES, and all taxes have been paid. If Coucke, now that the thing can be arranged with Pacific Media Group, KV Oostende, to continue to exist as a professional club, and then you can Coucke is on Anderlecht to focus on.

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