Bullying and aggression and fake information most don’t like on the Internet Russian children, among the positive aspects of the global network, they often note the ability to communicate and find new friends, said Commissioner for children’s rights in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova.

"What don’t like about the Internet? 35,7% – aggression, bullying and harassment, 28,2% – false, fake information, 19,9% – to information, promote and inclined to destructive behavior (alcoholism, Smoking, drug abuse, etc.) to 2.6% information that contains obscene expressions. 7,4% are satisfied" – from the presentation Kuznetsova, which she voiced during the international film festival of family and children’s films.

Among the things that attracts them in the Internet, 36.1 per cent said the ability to communicate with a wide range of people and make new friends, at 16.2 % – the ability to quickly find necessary information, to 13.2 % – the opportunity to promote their own ideas and projects, 10,4% – video lessons to develop creative skills and Hobbies (painting, modeling).

In response to the question of what children would like to change on the Internet, 24.1 per cent said that they would like to add more instructional videos and audio, 15,8% are willing to enter a security filter for minors, 12,8% – add more motivational content. It is about the desire to create such content in the Internet, said the majority of the interviewed children.

"What type of positive content would you like to create? 29,7% – motivating, inspirational, motivational, 25,9% – no deep content, easy, entertainment, 17.3% of the training content, aimed at obtaining new knowledge and skills", – stated in the materials.

According to Kuznetsova, in the survey involved 300 children.