Kusturica about COVID 19 It is evidence of the decline of civilization

“We have been infected. Isn’t increased we and our children and grandchildren in the days when it was more important that says athlete or actor about something important, not a doctor who knows what it is, not a virologist, who could not find a vaccine, as paid to him as a truck driver, – quotes the words of the master portal “spark”. – It was a civilization which thinks she can do everything, and now we are witnesses to the fact that she can not do anything. The virus came first as a philosopher-cap, which we were clouded view of the world, we are not aware of the fact that you draw them mirages lead to death. Every athlete who made the capital, was an important scientist and virologist, oncologist. Everyone who nailed themselves incredible wealth, become better philosophers and economists, better historians knew the story, every whore on popular television better quiet and honest people know how to have a family life.”

In this regard, the Director comes to the disappointing conclusion that “in a world where reality desecrated, and the performance of the sacred, where a scientist has no place, we will be punished by death because not able to understand that wealth is not everything and we believed in this lie.” “What money, if they have no decisions on insignificant coronavirus”, – asks it as a rhetorical question.

meanwhile, Kusturica addressed the people calling for vigilance and discipline. “Whatever this virus is, no matter how much he prompted a desire to find out where it came from: if nature had sent him as a punishment, or, as many think, is the beginning of biological warfare, we need to survive, – quotes the words of the great master, the newspaper “Kurir”. – We must adhere to the discipline required by our government, to have patience, because we are ready for prayers, and to the wars”.