Even in winter, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine does not rest. In an interview, military expert Reisner explains what is behind the current tactics of the Russians.

The third phase of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine continues – and military expert and Colonel Markus Reisner explains the current tactics of the Russian army in an interview with “ntv”.

Accordingly, the Russian army is forcing the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces over the winter in order to then be superior to the weakened opponent in the Russian spring offensive.

Meanwhile, Colonel Reisner does not assume that the Ukrainians or Russians want to return to the negotiating table. Both warring factions are of the opinion that they can win more on the battlefield at the moment.

“Russia has started to dig in. They created the Wagner Line and the Surovikin Line. The Russians are laying there (editor’s note: the Wagner line is meant), dragon’s teeth – that’s what these concrete pyramids are called -, barriers and hundreds of thousands of mines. They want to create a situation in which Ukraine is forced to attack,” explains Reisner in an interview.

It is obvious to him that the Russians want to create situations where the Ukrainians and their guns are there and attacking where the Russians want them: within range of their artillery.

The Russian tactics are more defensive this winter, Reisner told ntv. The statement: “The bottom line is that I’m inclined to think that over the winter Ukraine will try to go further on the offensive as much as possible, while Russia will be more defensive,” Reisner concludes.

He further explains: “In the spring, when the Ukrainian army is weakened by its own attacks during the winter, as well as by the consequences of Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, the Russians will try to go on the offensive. By then, the mobilized forces will have arrived en masse at the front.”