Krefeld – “ice cream makes you happy…pasta, too!” is written on the cups with the shell Pasta.

is There a natural ice-cream, strawberries are cleaned for the finest, arise now, noodles! Because the five employees of the Krefeld “don’t have to Glycklich”-log Eismanufaktur due to the Corona-crisis short-time work, now every day, 200 servings of pasta here wheat.

How it came to be? “Actually, we would make two weeks of ice cream for our three ,Glycklich’-cafes,” says chief Ralph Höfges (47). But because of the crisis-proof.

Pia Höfges the finished pasta photo: Johannes Galert

So shows would have his people have already pre-produced for the retail sale of diligent (the cups are sold in about 1000 supermarkets), are now idle. Höfges: “I, Stefan Kempken of the Edeka stores here asking if you can fill up at his shelves. And the said, ‘ Yes, but you can also make pasta….’“