the record of Magnitogorsk resident several Hiking expeditions to Volgograd from Volgograd to Berlin and the “Big Ural walk”. Launched a year ago in Orenburg, Cyril took three thousand kilometers along the Ural mountains and reached the shores of the Kara sea. On the way spent 71 days.

Now the athlete devotes his spare time to a new project: he wants to make and equip a walking route along the Crack to become available to any tourist.

– the Idea came after traveling abroad. I was on the Lycian way in Turkey and in the Spanish mountains climbed. I want us to raise on a global level. Hiking is like in Russia, there is even a state program, for example, the development of Taganay and Zyuratkul’. Activists from Ufa to promote the idea of a great South Ural trails, which would connect the area from lake Bannoe in Bashkiria up to the mountain Iremel. And possibly to Chrysostom. Many hope that in the end will appear great path along the Middle and Northern Urals. And even then – in the Subpolar and polar zones. Nothing like this in our country yet, – said Kirill.

to Realize the idea of Pronyk started alone, but quickly realized that it is not easy. Vandals regularly destroy kilometer signs, banners, and I once broke a wooden table. Some leave behind mountains of waste. There are other so – called “environmental terrorists”.

– Trend on the environment many are very close. People have less bonfires, often clean up after themselves. But “environmental terrorists” believe that human presence in nature, in principle, unacceptable. Even if he gets in nezapomenout area, says marathon runner.

it is Clear, in any case need like-minded people and assistants. So he appealed to all lovers of long walks: let’s clear the trail from fallen trees, to erect signs indicating the mileage, benches and tables, so that travelers could have a rest!

Hiking alone under any force, says the athlete. Especially if you take the first steps in civilized national parks, where there is a need indexes to help calculate the forces. The main thing – to understand why and where you’re going, and not to strive at once to conquer many kilometers distance.

In my experience Kirill Pronyk convinced that both beginners and professionals of the Hiking make the same errors:

– first, I always meet people in the woods in camouflage clothes. Ask: “are You special forces or hunters?” The question is not idle. Every year in the forests lost a lot of people. The searchers-volunteers and emergency workers may be difficult to see the person, even if it lies at the distance meter in such a “partisan” outfit.

in addition, tourists somehow ignore the navigation. Almost everyone has a smartphone, which is easy to install a bunch of free p��programmes, download the maps to navigate in the woods, if there are equipped trails. A few years ago in the Sverdlovsk region tourist died due to the fact that there was no maps of the area: Zapletal, his comrades are unable to go to the camp, only four kilometres away. If you neglect modern technology, bring at least a compass.

Another danger. I am often asked if I met in the forest, bears, wolves, snakes, and almost mammoths. People are afraid of anyone, but not those who are worth it, ticks. This is the most dangerous creature in the Urals and, perhaps, almost the entire territory of Russia. Put the shot. Attacks by wolves I don’t remember the bears – sometimes, but rarely. And the ticks bite every year more than one thousand people.

of Krak – ridge of the southern Urals, located in the Beloretsk district of Bashkortostan Republic. “Kraka” – translated from the Bashkir “Forty ranges.” The mountain range stretches along the Meridian between the tributaries of the White Raze and Most Sargai. Length – 6 km, width – 4.5, height – 1008 m. the Relief consists of gently sloping foothills and peaks, rocky slopes.