To support the Russians and the survivors of the crisis due pandemic coronavirus enterprises in 2020 the government will send more than 2 trillion rubles. The funds of the national welfare Fund as a source of funding for this assistance was not considered, said the Minister of labor and social protection Anton Kotkov in the program “Pozner” on “the First channel”.

“If we look at the amount of financial resources that now results in the form of social support of the population, or about 570 billion. If we look much beyond what is budgeted for the current year to support various enterprises in the economy is about 1.5 trillion,” — said the Minister.

“Take and give all that was formed by the Ministry of Finance in recent years as an airbag, this option was not considered,” he said.

Minister of labor and social protection called combination selected in the Russian version of the support of the population and the economy. He recalled that in a pandemic coronavirus a number of countries have gone the way of payments to individuals, but refused to support entrepreneurship.

“we Have directed part of the resources earmarked for the support of the citizens,[…] and of the resources directed towards the economy, to boost production, stimulate demand and create conditions for the preservation of labour collectives”, — the Minister explained the essence of the Russian version.

According to Kotyakova, the Ministry of Finance is now conducting a search for another 2 trillion rubles, “on the solution of current tasks”. The “workers […] close and lost income, keeping the volume of budgetary investments, all social obligations, preserving the volumes of the PFR and SIF”.