Kosachev: the United States build international order in the rules, not the law

However, the usual case is the circuit court of the Netherlands, but under a symbolic “Hague”, designed to punish the leaders of hostile States that threaten it understand usually the international criminal court (ICC) in this city.

Photo: REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev Moscow called a “judgment” process in the Netherlands for MH17

the Piquancy of the situation is that the ICC decided to open investigations into war crimes in Afghanistan, including those committed by the us military. The reaction of the “main guardian of the world of law” was very revealing: U.S. Secretary of state M. Pompeo called the decision startling step “irresponsible political institutions masquerading as legal authority,” and promised that the U.S. will protect its officers “from this wicked and treacherous court funds for political vendetta”.

But the leaders of a superpower, where justice has become a kind of cult, was not enough. Chief of the foreign service of the United States announced a “policy of visa restrictions against those who are personally responsible for any ICC investigation against the American military.” That is, let me remind you, against the judges of the international court of justice. The “Hague,” which I love to threaten us, as a kind of higher court of justice. But that’s not all. Pompeo promised that visa restrictions will not be the end of US efforts: “We are ready to take additional steps, including economic sanctions if the ICC does not change course”.

Actually, that’s all there is to know about the US attitude to international justice, on the principles on which it is supposed to build “an international order foundedon rules” and not on law. Some animals are still “more equal” than others.

Source: official website of Senator Konstantin Kosachev in Facebook.