he commented on RIA Novosti publication in the journal Der Spiegel, in which the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas and the historian Andres Wirsing blamed for the outbreak of the Second world war only on Germany.

“the Statement is, no doubt, very responsible and very timely. Thank you to the Minister and his colleagues,” – said the Agency Konstantin Kosachev. However, he noted that the authors of the article “is not news, but a historical fact”, the already well known “to all bona fide historians and politicians.”

However, such historical facts ignore the falsifiers of history, said the parliamentarian. In his opinion, a deliberate distortion of the truth about the events of the Second world war is a political project which will be continued, “if they do not unite politicians like the German Minister and his supporters in the West.”

the Degree of consolidation is poor, stated the Senator and recalled the words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill that “a lie has time to travel halfway around the world while truth is putting its pants on.”