the Former national security Advisor to the administration of former President Barack Obama, Susan rice, said that the protests and riots that are currently present in the country after the death of the African-American George Floyd during the arrest police can stand Russia.

And it would be very funny. But will be sad because this may be the first sign, which fly flocks of crows.

But it smells bad not in Russia.

we would like to believe that in addition to the hard-boiled cynicism of the spin doctors from the word “Russophobia” in official Washington would get this time and realizing the whole horror of what is happening in American cities (sincere words of sympathy to all who suffered and those who still suffer), and the elementary instinct of self-preservation, does not allow political games to a national tragedy.

the already said now Susan rice is a direct insult – and not only Russia, which in this situation simply do not and can not be, how many of their own people and to the memory of citizen of the United States George Floyd.

Source: website of Senator Konstantin Kosachev in .