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There are exceptional situations as a result of korona. But in the night of Thursday will still have thousands of young people have take taken his choice.

And that is what they will be studying in the fall.

Around 300.000 norwegians are unemployed. The number changed quickly.

And the choice of whether to study for a safe profession may seem more attractive than ever, think pro-rector at the North university, Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk.

– Many people got an aha-experience when it was very much reform – particularly in the private sector, ” says Gårseth-Nesbakk.

to Get a job with a time

He believes it is natural that many will seek to safe studies, with multiple career paths, and studies which have been extra in the wind.

Gårseth-Nesbakk believe that more now come on other thoughts and that the public sector can be a good option.

More than 400.000 job seekers in Norway

And it is particularly a study that points out, say prorektoren.

Nursing tend to have good tuning smoothly over, but it is natural to expect that it will be even better now, ” he says.

Gårseth-Nesbakk shows that nursing has been much exposed in the media. The nurses are doing important work.

at the same time, there is a shortage of nurses in the community, and they get a job with a time.

But …

– Can seem daunting

… the price for a safe profession as a nurse may have been too high for many young people, believes that Gertrude Krokaa, fylkesleder in Sykepleierforbundet in Nordland.

When the crisis came, many of the nurses had extended their working time, had to endure tighter restrictions and has had to work under greater risk because it has not been enough smittevernutstyr.

It can turn out both ways, believe Krokaa.

– Arbeidsbelastninga is so great on the nurses that are out in the front line now, and they expose themselves to risk to a much greater extent than many others. It can act as a deterrent also, ” she says.

the BIG PRESSURE:– We lacked 600 nurses in Nordland alone before the corona came. Arbeidsbelastninga on those who stood in the job was quite large and before long we came to the crisis, ” says Gertrude Krokaa in Sykepleierforbundet.

Photo: Øystein Nygård / NRK

In addition, arbeidsordningene in health care strongly criticized. In 2018 was only half of the available sykepleierjobber full-time.

Nordland lacked 600 nurses before the crisis

at the same time, Norway will in 2035 will lack 28.000 nurses and 18.000 helsefagarbeidere, according to a report from STATISTICS norway in the year.

In Wyoming, it was alone a shortage of 600 nurses before koronakrisen, according to Krokaa.

– It is a wonderful profession. If more will want to take part in this profession as a whole community, we must take care of the yrkesgruppa, ” she says.

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