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the Same day the government shut down large parts of Norway, in order to limit koronasmitten, tripled I the turnover in the garnbutikken, ” says Bente Sletholt.

She runs strikkebutikken Hjørnestua on a shopping centre in Bamble in Telemark.

Bente Sletholts advice to beginners: Knit something you know you can succeed with, that doesn’t take too long time. Like something on the thick sticks which are easy and not too complicated

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Although several of the stores at the mall, now closed, she experiences a steady stream of customers who want something to activate with.

– People would make sure they have something to do with when they have to sit at home, ” says Sletholt.

She feels lucky to have a merchandise that is much sought after during the pandemic, and that also has online store that she can show if the entire center would be closed.

– Now I have time

Garnbutikkene see an increase in the number of beginners who now want to learn to knit. One of them is Susanne Iversen who live in Haugesund. To daily driver her own velværesalong with hairdresser, foot and skin care, as she had to shut down after orders from the authorities.

– I started to knit now because I usual have a life that goes to 150, with your own business and a daughter of five years. Now I thought that I could finally teach me to knit, as I haven’t had time to previously, tells Susanne Iversen.

CONNECT: – knitting has led to the roll a lot less on the phone now, and get more free from the news around the world, ” says Susanne Iversen.

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She has many girlfriends who is knitting, and feel that she hangs many years for them to be creative with yarn and knitting needles.

– Connect out thoughts

But she thinks it is complicated to learn to knit, and have started using YouTube, Facebook groups, and mother-in-law for help.

– It has happened that I have had to catch up all together and started again because I have been so cursed. I know really nothing of this yet, I can knit straight and crooked. Do not understand the pattern or recipes, so I have to take it step by step, ” she says.

The first thing she made was a headband that she knitted for her dad and now she started with something that will be a gift for a friend who is waiting for the baby, but it is a secret what it is.

– When I join so connect I out any thoughts about the korona and financial stress and worries. Instead it’s all about counting the number of stitches and to get through a strikkomgang, ” she says.

HJEMMESTRIKKET: Susannes first strikkeprosjekt, headbands, which she made to her father.

Photo: Susanne Iversen Several younger

In Skien is located garnbutikken Strikkepinnen that is not dependent on anything the mall. Also here, the increased interest of old and new customers who want to knit.

– We get feedback from our customers that we are doing health promoting work, in that we are open now, ” says the proprietor of the Strikkepinnen, Hege Sivertsen.

In addition, she has the impression of shopping locally has taken on a new importance for many.

– There is a lot of a good number of new customers, and many of the regular customers buy the yarn to several strikkeprosjekter to make this easter, ” says Sivertsen.

Those who want to knit can usually clearly for themselves what they will make before they get to the store, ” says Hege Sivertsen at Strikkepinnen.

Photo: Aud Darrud / NRK – As a small black friday

– The last two weeks so have yarn sales quadrupled itself if we compare with the two weeks in the year. The entire total has increased greatly. We believe it has increased because people sit at home and do not have so much else to do, ” says managing director Harald Mjølne in Sandes Yarn.

The sell so well with the nets now that they must also keep production at easter.

Also the House of Yarn and Rauma yarn sign of increased demand for the yarn about the day.

– It is difficult to say how large the increase due to the corona, we have had a steady increase, says chairman of the board of Rauma Ullvarefabrikk, Arnstein Digernes.

House of Yarn estimate a growth of 20-25% for garnbutikkene, but think the biggest increase has been in the online shops.

– They have almost a minute to black Friday, with a very demand, says the chief executive of the House of Yarn, Knut Henrik Knutsen.

He adds that normally decreases knitting for the easter because people travel in the mountains and is more out in the garden.

– Now, we experience that the demand for yarn in the last two weeks has taken off, ” he says.

Hege Sivertsen at Strikkepinnen running out yarn to the customers who are sitting in quarantine or who can’t go out now.

Photo: Aud Darrud / NRK Norskdesignet “koronavott”

In Sandnessjøen driver Lill Chatrin Schei his own shop Garnkista, where she among other designer strikkemønster. She thought the illustration that has been used about koronaviruset SARS-CoV-2 was so nice that she was inspired to create strikkemønster to “koronavotten”.

– It’s not so much more nicely with this virus. It can be good to have something to hang your fingers in now, and I think it is pure therapy to knit, ” she says.

The majority of the reactions she has gotten on the “koronavotten” have been positive, but there are also some negative.

– People see it for what it is, at the same time can vottene be a reminder to people to keep a distance, ” says Schei.

the NORWEGIAN DESIGN: Lill Chatrin Schei designed strikkemønster on koronavotter.

Photo: Elastic and photo: Eva Birgitte Eilertsen

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