The Style and The streets are deserted, the windows dark. But behind closed doors, are turning to the web in full swing. What are we to do? As simple as it is brilliant: the Belgian economy, we are in the happy.

the Next month, would be the Bloom’s beautyconceptstore on the same note, its the first candle blowing out, but the party has been postponed. Corona boasts a spanner in the works, so be on the birthday cake. However, the founder of Kim Maes not being down in the dumps. On the contrary, it makes for a nice piece of paper to make the packages of the orders placed through the website and bring them to the post office. “I have already had three years of online shopping to the physical store of them, and as soon as I knew that the store was closing, I got to the shop and immediately updated. This is my main source of income. My biggest concern is how long it will take. Somewhere, nibbling at it, the uncertainty is: how long before people get their money, prefer to reserve?”