known As the police on Tuesday, was the Unknown on a Monday noon with his dog in the vicinity of the Hockgraben Playground in Konstanz-the Allman village on the way. Suddenly, he spoke to the two, the used, despite the ban on the Playground. Then the girl ran away.

Then the Unknown should have a call out to the two, his dog is faster than you, and so have threatened to unleash him on you. The two hid, waited for a bit and eventually returned on the same path in the direction of their apartments.

Suddenly, the Unknown from the bushes, grabbed jumped one of the girls on the wrist, and injured it slightly. Then to his heels, took the child again in front of the man.

To the alarm of the police, the child described the Unknown as follows: 70 to 80 years old, about 1.70 meters tall, medium build, white hair, unshaven, cross-eyed in one eye. The dog was medium to large in size, had longer, white fur, and called, apparently, “Benjamin”.

Who has observed the incident or information to the wanted man can make is to under the (07531) 9950 with the police in the connection.

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