Konstantin Kosachev commented on the departure of

the Senator noted that the financial aspects of the transaction as a politician he is not entitled to comment. But in any case I am sure that “unilateral U.S. economic sanctions against Venezuela’s illegal and inhumane”.

foreign Minister: Russia will not leave Venezuela alone with the pandemic coronavirus

Kosachev recalled that Caracas loses from sanctions Washington 116 billion. Small business of Venezuela were “cut off from vital sources of credit”. As a result, imports into the country decreased during the 6 years at 80%. In addition, he referred to the statement of the special Rapporteur of the UN, Idriss jazaïry, according to which in 2017 because of the U.S. sanctions “could have died 40 thousand Venezuelans”.

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko/ RIA Novosti Kosachev: the United States build international order in the rules, not the right of a

At the same time oil exports were “almost the only source of income in the country dollars” needed to purchase food and medicine, and ultimately for the functioning of the economy and life of the population.

Recall, the company that acquired the assets of “Rosneft” in Venezuela, is not yet known.

“We are defending the interests of our shareholders, make decisions in accordance with our duty to our shareholders”, – said the Agency deal, the press-Secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev.