In that time, both domestic and international film festivals, one after another canceled on and go online, in Nizhny Novgorod decided to be different and Express themselves. Fourth “Горькийfest” opened like in the good old days when we didn’t know what a pandemic is and how dependent is our life, cultural including from force majeure. Not all filmmakers were ready to exploit the return to the old rules of the game. No objectors have not done: artists are afraid of direct contact and prefer to stay at home. Setting the number of spectators hard: more than 250 is not collected.

Like a group of underground squad of the most audacious filmmakers, led by Michael Porechenkova and a native of Nizhny Novgorod, directed by Oksana Mikheeva proceeded to Nizhny Novgorod drama theatre. Bitter at the opening ceremony of the festival. The city, as it turned out, just came out on a plateau and without fear received guests. So we attended the first after the start of the pandemic event offline.

In the stalls empty. The audience sitting far from each other, so I want to cry. On stage – only screen, a group of “Omegav” in a truncated part, adorning the evening, giving it elegance and originality. Leading – Alexey Kortnev and Kristina Babushkina-located in the stalls with his back to the audience to lead a very strange dialogue:

I love to look at you

– Well, then give me a hug

– I’d hug you, but I’m just a movie. How I yearned for the living festival.

– not enough People.

In inescapable anguish someone on behalf of the film and in the guise of Alex Kortnev (for interpretation there are plenty of opportunities, would be a fantasy) agreed to the fact that he dreams about popcorn in the dark of the auditorium. Pandemic poverty will bring more and not to this. Each you can imagine yourself the world cinema or the messenger of heaven.

the virtual screen Nikita Mikhalkov, who with Nizhny Novgorod – its history (here he was filming a movie, has his own farm), addressed as head of the Union of cinematographers (for the festival he has no direct relationship), praised his colleagues for their courage. Now live festival is regarded as a feat.

For Mikhail Porechenkov was seen in persistently. He’s ambitious stated that “for us” no more, no less – the Venice film festival. But for him, it is difficult to guarantee in the present circumstances. All live one day, to make for a month is not necessary. “I’m a theatre artist worried that the hall is not full, but we have to live in a new environment. We are the first exit after the pandemic,” said Michael Porechenkov, all from the same stalls. On stage not even got it.

With the audience and will continue to be not a lot, although ��esplatnaya tickets are scattered for the day. For example, one of the shows will be on the huge stadium built for last year’s world championship and is designed for 42 thousand spectators. But come there is not more than 250 people. There is something in this space, although primarily a pandemic. To sit the public will not in the stands, and right on the field, almost on the grass. It is sad that we were so helpless in the face of circumstances, but you need to survive. Oksana Mikheeva and said, “We want to inspire life. Many have fallen into depression. We will save”. She had not seen their parents, at risk, brought to their door products and leaves. Not all live in the city according to strict rules, although fearless and wonder of life in Moscow after the lifting of restrictions.

Under the new rules, Konstantin Khabensky contactless received the festival award for contribution to cinema, awarded a year ago, but not delivered in time. The statue was exhibited on the stage, and he took her.

In the days of quarantine actors were ready to participate in the most incredible projects from home, just to work. Michael Porechenkov and Konstantin Habensky, and five of their colleagues, who called himself Mat men made a sort of almanac, and now presented it on the big screen. There dedication to moms, and appearance with their children – Michael Porechenkov with her daughter, Yevgeny Mironov is still very young son, Igor Vernik with her, but as an adult, and a mad tea party Gagarin Pushkin. The plot is insane, but what else could he be in quarantine. Part of the festival audience does not appreciate the fruits of the efforts of Mat men. One young woman said on the phone friend that’s kind of lame. But she’s wrong and are obviously not familiar with the shaft anemic quarantine movie. Mat almanac is very different from this dull thread unexpected approach and mind game. Each block ends with the refrain: “And soap you we clean and virus … will win” (all the censorship, without the Mat). The creative team in the face of the above-mentioned actors, as well as Alexei Kravchenko, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Andrei Bourkovski, Mikhail Trukhin has set itself the male choir of the creators of them. Gagarin. Khabensky Mironov, playing astronauts in the “Time first”, can’t slow down the speeds. But recently Konstantin Khabensky phrase on the gathering of the troupe at Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, now walks in a creative environment: scored a lot of speed Tabakov theatre is unable to walk at the speed of 30 km per hour. And so rush the artists, not knowing what awaits us all tomorrow. Can someone else host the live festival, and how to perceive this? About “Горькийfest” already talking different. Some consider him a feast during the plague, but rather is the word “Sunshaking”. The so-called competition program of the festival includes 22 films, mainly short films. In General, “Pushkin Love and be healthy”, as we call Mat men. Somewhere float.