Konny Reimann (64) home alone …

Actually, the TV emigrant and his Dearest Manu are separated almost never. But this time, it should come different. Because on Monday evening it was said in the docu-Soap “The Reimann’s – An extraordinary life” (RTL2) for one of the two: Bye-bye Hawaii!

a standstill is not in the vocabulary of the Ex-Hamburger virtually. In 2004, the dream team migrated together with his Kids in the USA. However, after eleven years of Texas Packed up Manu and Konny back in the suitcase, and a cozy home together fashioned on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

But it remains in the Paradise for the Globetrotters a little time to Chill out. On “Konny Island 3”, as the expats call it their home, and lovingly, a went, namely, a call for help from daughter Janina (32). Who wants to draw with her little family of Austin (Texas) to over 3000 kilometres away, in Portland and hoped to the aid of their parents.

stoppage of the TV-emigrants do not know! On “Konny Island 3” Unusual is it for Konny every day is a lot to tunFoto: RTL2

For dad Reimann nothing. “She goes where her husband, Coleman has his Job,” he explained to the spontaneous change of location of his shoot. And who could help better than the DIY King? “Konny is our relocation specialist and therefore, for the two a big help,” was gods wife in Manu, for sure.

However, when looking at the calendar is a large Problem. Manu had to tell Konny: “We have guests arriving on the very day that we return to Texas to fly.” So one of them had to stay home. The choice fell on Konny.