Vincent Kompany isn’t just covering for teammates on the pitch – he makes it economical.

For the belgian forsvarskæmpe has promised to pay for the Anderlecht-players, who will not go to the club’s spending cuts because of coronakrisen.

It writes Het Laatste Nieuws.

the Media should have been ‘confirmed’ that Vincent Kompany will pay the bill for the teammates, who will not go with to make a 12.-part of their salary.

He returned in the summer returned home to barndomsklubben Anderlecht as a manager after 11 lucrative years in the Premier League club Manchester City.

Here he should be to rebuild the ailing team, but coronapandemien has also hit hard in Belgium.

Therefore, one has in Anderlecht, according to Het Laatste Nieuws also posted a series of other measures on the table to save the club, in addition to the pay cuts.

the Club does not pay the longer a group insurance, and the players ‘ only good will come of a company car, and they must accept to be sent home 1.-14 april.

From Anderlechts has announced that it is up to the players themselves, if you will give a 12.-part of the pay (or let Vincent Kompany cover of). With the following rant:

‘the Choice is yours. But those who choose to keep the money is not joint and several,’ says.