Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski said in his Instagram what action he would take when symptoms of infection with coronavirus.

First of all, according to him, he would’ve called and warned about the disease.

"I’ll be home, I’ll watch a movie, I will continue to work, listen to audiobooks, I’ll mount the video that I have on the computer. Immediately give the command and he will take part — Navarro compotes, teas and I drink-to drink-to drink and eat the fruit" – wrote a TV presenter.

Komorowski noted that further would be focused on symptoms. In the case of sore throat he would use candy canes, if you increase the temperature, paracetamol.

"And, of course, the most important thing I will do, though it is made and so, it will check, twist if all the batteries if the heating in the room above 20 degrees. Look, what is the humidity: if it is in my city turned off the heating in my room humidity is of the order of 50-55%, i.e., there is no problem", – said the presenter.

He indicated that he would not use tools such as chloroquine, azithromycin and anti-viral drugs to fight HIV infection.

"All that would be, it’s liters to drink liquids and eat fruits", – said Komorowski.

Pandemic of novel coronavirus infection has captured almost all countries of the world. According to who statistics, in the world, the coronavirus has infected more than three million people, 230 thousand of them died.