For the prevention of infectious diseases, including coronavirus, a new type, to take vitamins useless. This was stated by the famous Ukrainian doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in his Instagram account.

According to him, the vitamins should be drunk with a proven vitamin deficiency. For example, if a vitamin is not absorbed, or if as a result of improper nutrition the body something loses.

At the same time Komorowski added that the complex vitamins can benefit in case if the person is properly prepared for the isolation and accumulated stocks of junk food.

Earlier, British scientists advised to take vitamin D during a pandemic coronavirus, because people are almost never exposed to direct sunlight because of the regime of self-isolation, and as a result, you feel the lack of it.

meanwhile, the portal MedicalXpress published a study which said that monitoring vitamin D levels would halve the number of deaths among those infected with coronavirus patients. The scientists noted that vitamin d not only strengthens immunity, but is able to prevent “cytokine storm” – an overreaction of the immune system, leading to death.