Kokorin spoke about the shortfall during your stay in prison money

Striker “Sochi” Alexander Kokorin said that he had not received from St. Petersburg “Zenith” the contract money during his stay in prison. His words leads Bobsoccer.

“it is Clear that underpaid for the year contract that it was necessary to close the issue for the situation in which I found myself,” said Kokorin. He added that he is not worried about this, and called himself a poor man unable to feed his family.

Earlier, Kokorin explained why he refused from the usual the celebrations. Because of the sentence in prison, the player decided that sucking his thumb after scoring a goal is no longer worth it, because now it looks “weird”. Also, the athlete said that he preferred booze to champagne.

From October 2018 through may 2019, the Kokorin was in jail, and after the verdict went to the colony, from which came out in September 2019. He ended up in jail after he staged two fights in the center of Moscow along with another football player Pavel Mamaev.

For Sochi Kokorin stands on loan until the end of the season 2019/2020. At the moment the draw Tinkoff Russian Premier League is suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus.