the Salary which will receive Russian striker Alexander Kokorin in the capital’s “Spartacus” is “space”. This opinion portal Rusfootball was expressed by the former player red-white Alexander Mostovoy.

“Cosmic figures! Obviously, in the RPL, few worth such sums. 29-year-old Kokorin, of course, also is not worth this salary,” he said.

In this case, the Pavement noted that the current salary is not the fault of the players, and those who pay. “Do not earn and receive. Such solutions in recent years, we’ve seen it with foreign players and coaches. Few of them manifests itself in the money by the standards of Europe are mad”, — he complained.

August 2 it became known that Kokorin has signed a contract with the Moscow “Spartak” under the scheme “3+1”. According to media reports, 29-year-old will earn three million euros per year. Also Kokorin will receive 2.5 million euros lifting.

July 31, the player has expired the contract with “Zenith”. On Kokorin also claimed the capital’s “Dynamo” and “locomotive”. In September 2019, the forward was released from prison and returned to St. Petersburg “Zenith”, which was made by 2016. In February, he went to Sochi on loan. On account of his seven goals in ten matches for the Sochi club.