Coronatiden is, fortunately, not only equal bad news.

B. T. has, for the third time asked a number of celebrities share some of their positive experiences and coronatanker, which will hopefully lighten the mood a little bit in this for many of us, strange time.

The young ‘fawlty towers’star spends his time out in the sun, where the special one dear friend has it good for the time.

“I’ve finally got the time to go into the sunshine and give my sailboat a lot of love. It will certainly not have to coronatiderne ends,” she says.

As all other self-employed it is a challenging time for the Geo, however, enjoys to update her mother with lots of pictures:

“Something I think is fine, is that since the lockdown I have posted 300 pictures to my children’s grandmother, who is 81. Her phone is so old that it may contain nine images, and she must see them with the microscope. So she has more scrambling to delete pictures than to see,” he says.

The 30-year-old actor lives on a daily basis in Los Angeles. He moved in October, but had to because of his work, no time to greet his new neighbors. He has now, and it has led to a new friendship.

“Every morning when I enjoy my morning coffee in the sun, so I welcome my neighbor Roberto Fico, who is from Mexico. He is at the end of the 50’s, and we have found a super good chemistry. The last 14 days we have met over the hedge and practiced Spanish. He think it is fun to learn the language to a fair-haired dane, who lack something to spend time on,” he says.

‘Morten’ from ‘fawlty towers’ tells, that he every night takes his guitar out on his balcony. First clapping the whole farm for them, which for the time being to make a special effort, and so he sings or else.

“It provides a great community to see each other every evening and do something together. Among others we have sung ‘Papirsklip’, ‘Spring day’ and ‘let It Be’. We sing birthday song for those who celebrate birthday in isolation in their apartment.”

in Addition, he goes every Tuesday live on its Facebook page, where people can ask questions about everything from ‘fawlty towers’ to the music, and whatever else he is doing.

Carsten Svendsen was the 14. may have had its debut in Cirkusrevyen, but it is now postponed to august. Instead, he enjoys time with his family.

“We moved two years ago to the country and got a house with a garden, so when we can’t get anywhere, and the weather is so good, we have been very game in the garden. The gods must know that I do not have green fingers, but I learn something about raspberries, shrubs, and to plant the potatoes.”

He has a daughter of school age, so they use among other things of the Randers Rainforest offers for education on Facebook.

“You get a tremendous respect for all teachers and educators. I hope all parents will remember, when we are on the other side.”

Line 3-the comedian looks like the current situation where he is experiencing a renewed level of presence.

“We are experiencing a great time with the big ‘aha’-experiences. We can’t cuddle all sorts of – often totally careless hug and kiss on the cheek – it amplifies the attention. You are listening more to the people during a video call, and you learn of its children, where it is perfectly normal for them with social contact through social media,” he says.

Carla enjoys generally just to have got more time for everything.

“If it is to work or clean windows on a whole new level. Because I do not have an edge or agreement that requires me to rush me. I when just it, I when,” she says.

the Desert Sons of the comedian enjoys coronatiden in the Swedish cottage, where he has nature right outside the door.

“Every morning is awakened, I of a tranepar, who have settled out on the field. They scream horribly, but it’s damn nice anyway,” he says.

‘When the dust has settled’-the star, taking advantage of the situation to be extra together with his family, which in addition to a gf consists of two children at two and five years.

“I think we have produced about five pounds of perleplader. With us is the biggest positive side effect of the isolation for me to see our two kids are together all day, every day. They have time to play, to quarrel, contend, to be adversaries and good friends again, and then find a new game together and start all over again.”

It is not only the rapper Niarn, using coronatiden to read fairy tales aloud to the children and adults. Also Esben Dalgaard has found the time and upload videos on his Facebook, where he read adventure up for her daughter.

“One of the days we ran out of coffee, which I mentioned during the reading. Then tipped it in with greetings from people who would come up with coffee if they could. And for that, it should not be a lie, then it was there later in the day on my doorstep a bag of coffee for me and a little caramels to my daughter. Profits!,” he tells.

the Corona has put a stop to Laus Høybyes coming teaterturné. Instead, utilize the situation to get in top shape.

“I have over 15 kilometers several times. I have not done since I was 16 years old. After it was forbidden to run in Frederiksberg Have, I have found other routes,” he says.

Moreover, he uses also the time to get picked up on his love for science fiction.

“I have seen very much, ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Expanse’, ‘The Dune’, ‘Star Trek’ and so on. My excuse is that it is in preparation for Bowie’s the ‘Lazarus’ at The Royal Theatre, where I must play the main role as Bowie alias Newton, who is an alien.”

a Little sad to miss a premiere at The Royal Theatre, Joachim Knop now found peace and joy in his daily routines with his wife and three children.

“I’m doing ‘seven minutes workout’ every morning. So I run five kilometers every other day, and I love board games, whether backgammon, Bezzerwizzer, or Hint, with my family. I have found out, how happy I am for my base. We are, for example, møgforkælede to have a garden. I will be damn grateful for what we have.”

Stephanie from ‘Year 0’ lost first his job as a substitute teacher, as coronasituationen the school closed down. She was quickly back on the arbejdesmarkedet, where she is now having fun with to help at a center for autism.

“It goes super fine, despite the circumstances. It’s super fun, challenging, and very very new, so it is nice with a breath of fresh air in this time,” she says.