The Berlin start-up Independesk offers unusual and exciting places as a workplace. Be it the Berlin television tower or a close-by office for the employees. All of this can be booked flexibly and individually via the company’s app. As Gründerszene now reports, the start-up founded by Karsten Kossak has now filed for bankruptcy.

The project initially started with funding from Karsten Kossak. Then he appeared on the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” in 2021 and convinced Carsten Maschmeyer and Georg Kofler. They invested a total of 200,000 euros in Independesk and each acquired a 7.5 percent stake in the start-up. As a result, Independesk was able to double its number of employees. But the war against Ukraine and the changed economic situation that came with it made the business with coworking spaces difficult.

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Karsten Kossatz explains to the Gründerszene why the company has now gone bankrupt. A round of financing fell through and the business has recently not developed as planned. Due to the current crisis, companies are no longer willing to pay their employees for the luxury of exclusive workspaces. Instead of allowing their own employees more flexibility, many companies urged them to return to their own offices, which they had rented anyway. As a result, many companies that Independesk relied on as customers have disappeared.

Kossak told Gründerszene that, despite the bankruptcy, he was already in talks with potential new investors. The idea of ​​not going to the office every day – and above all not always to the same office – is definitely a trend among employees. This can definitely be an advantage for employers, as it increases employee satisfaction.

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